Listen to Ward Davis.

If you haven’t heard of Ward Davis before, you need to check him out. Ward has been touring with Cody Jinks and/or Whitey Morgan lately, and his style fits right in with the two of them. He’s got long hair, long beard, co-wrote I’m Not The Devil, and regularly stage crashes his headliners to join them in singing.

Steve and I were able to get a taste of this when we saw Jinks in Peoria at the “Tailgate N Tallboys” festival (stupid name, I know), when Whitey Morgan and Ward Davis separately, then together, walked out on stage to join Jinks in singing.

Ward is a great singer/songwriter in his own right, which is why it makes that much more sense that he and the other two have become good friends on top of regular tour mates. Ward’s 15 Years in a 10 Year Town is the only album he has out on Spotify, but trust me, listen to it all. One of my favorites is Old Wore out Cowboys which features Jamey Johnson and Willie Nelson.

Ward Davis is one that deserves to be included in your regular rotation, if he’s not already.