I'm Kind of Obsessed with 'Diane' by Cam

Burning House was beautifully haunting (and confusing). Village was a great song about a friend watching over a girl friend (maybe written for a man?). Mayday was about a girl needing to get out of a terrible relationship and calling out for help (third parenthesis that I can't think of).

Cam is a fantastic songwriter. I don't really know what genre she was trying focus on on her first album, as some songs were far from country, but I love her sound nonetheless. However, her new song, Diane, is her most country song since Burning House. Seemingly a response to Jolene by Dolly Parton, Diane is a tune about being the other girl and not knowing it until the truth came out. Home wrecking is not always the mistress' fault, as men can be the lying asshole running around on his significant other. In the tune, Cam comes from the perspective of wishing she could take back all the time she spent with the man and hopes that the girl moves past the man, even if it means Diane hates Cam in the process.

I'd rather you hate me than not understand.

I don't know how this song will do on the radio, as Cam only has had Burning House climb the charts in her short mainstream career. However, I know I'm gonna binge it until her sophomore album hits the shelves.