We Must Come Together

Country music gets a bad rap from those who don't understand or listen to it. It's the "white supremacist's" music of choice to the incompetent. It is the rhetoric that some outlets thrive on and misinform the masses on to push an agenda.

That is not country music. Country music is the greatest genre on God's green earth. Country music is an escape from the hardships of real life. To some, it's "drinkin' on Friday" music. To others, it's an escape from the guy or gal that walked out on you. It's a genre that we can all relate to, one way or another.

Some of the greatest people that I know were met through country venues. As Kevin and I have discussed before, the friendliness of country-lovin' folks at Country Thunder is the highlight of that festival. Take or leave the artists playing during those four days, but everyone is there for the same reason, to relax and enjoy themselves. To make friends and create some of the greatest memories you can make. Just last week, we met some amazing people who love the same music as us at Medicine Stone.

Last night, October 1, 2017, some psychotic asshole opened fire on a crowd of these people. People who did not have a care in the world. Thousands of innocent civilians, happily singing along to Jason Aldean's When She Says Baby, will have to live with the horrors of the sound of gunfire for the rest of their lives.

Today is not time to blame Trump, gun control, or the NRA. It is not for pushing your political agenda. It is not a time to divide the country further just because you don't agree with their choice in music or political values. Today isn't about bro-country vs. traditional country.

Today is for mourning the massive loss of life. It is for praying for those who are injured and battling for their life. The country community as a whole is one of love, and I know that we will become stronger because of this.