A Song for the Times You Accidentally Forget Her Name

It’s amazing what a little bit of context can do for the interpretation of a song. When I originally heard No Shade of Green by Flatland Cavalry I thought it was this beautiful song about trying to remember the specifics of a long lost love that the singer had only gotten to share a short time with…. However once I saw Flatland at Medicine Stone, I was given additional context that made this song definitely become one of my favorites of the band.

While the mellow fiddle and guitar lead into the song, lead singer Cleto Cordero let us all know that the following song was about meeting a girl at a festival when you are drunk and then trying to remember her the next day…. I love it!

Don’t get me wrong, this song is tremendous and plays as a love song despite the drunken festival back story. The first and last words of the song are:

 No shade of green could describe the beauty trapped inside her eyes, red lipstick from the blood of all the boys who failed and tried

All I’m saying is that this wonderfully written love song is actually also a hilarious satire-esque love story about drunken festival romance. And I think that makes the song even more amazing. Check it out.