Tyler Farr Will Remind You What Heartbreak Feels Like

Say what you want about Tyler Farr’s music (and apparently his ability to sing the national anthem), but he has recorded some of my favorite sad songs. If you’ve followed this site or our podcast you’ll know that I strongly contend that sad songs are the best songs. Tyler can have some crappy sellout songs, but as long as he keeps hitting me with stuff like I Don’t Even Want This Beer on each album, then I’ll keep listening.

I’d say most drinking age Americans can relate to a heartbreak song… but 100% of CHP co-founders relate to heartbreak songs that involve drinking the pain away.

“Here I am getting tore up on a Tuesday, sitting here letting her get to me. Trying to make the pain and another one disappear… Makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing here, I don’t even want this beer”

If you’ve ever been in a situation like he describes, you’ll know the pain all too well. Although I’m not trying to bum everyone out, I still think it’s great to listen to songs like this and relive these emotions – makes you feel that much more alive. Through two albums Tyler Farr has a pretty impressive collection of sad ones that you’d miss if you only listened to the radio singles.